Wire balls use cleaning tips

Steel wire ball is cheap and cost-effective, and because it is more useful, composed of steel wire can easily remove the dirt inside the pot and bowl which is difficult to remove, even if the oil on the bottom of the pot can be easily removed, so it is basically essential for every family.



However, it is composed of steel wire winding, which is very easy to hide dirt and dirt, and very difficult to clean. Once the cleaning is not clean, the next time to wash the dishes and wash the pot, it will cause the pollution of the pot and bowl, and the washing is not clean. Today share a few cleaning wire ball tips, can not damage the wire ball under the premise of the wire ball, can easily clean the wire ball.



Method one, prepare a bowl in which to put boiling water, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, according to the ratio of 2:1:1, using chopsticks to mix well. Then soak the ball in water. You can use chopsticks to stir a few times, you can find the inside of the dirt is very easy to come out.


This is because boiled water can dissolve the oil stains in the steel wire ball, baking soda can be decontaminated, detergent can be decontaminated, the three combined together, have a very strong decontamination and oil removal ability. Finally, clean the steel wire ball with clean water.



Two, roast it over fire. Start with a stainless steel knife and fork, insert it into the steel ball, and turn on the gas burner. Place the steel ball on the fire and cook it. Be careful not to get too close to the fire. It is best to only make the surface of the steel wire ball contact with the fire, because the temperature is too high, the steel wire ball will burn black, easy to reduce the service life of the steel wire ball in the subsequent procedures.


After each side of the steel wire ball is burned, put it in the pool, pay attention not to soak in cold water, because the temperature of the steel wire ball is very high, and it is easy to be broken when suddenly met with cold water. After cooling, pick up the steel wire ball and drop it in the pool gently for a few times, you will find that the dirt inside falls off, and then clean it a little with clean water. The ball will be as good as new. And this method does not have to lead to dirty hands like washing with water, but also used high temperature disinfection, killing two birds with one stone.



Perhaps some friends worry that the steel wire ball will be burned out, in fact, as long as the steel wire ball is not too much contact, the fire will not burn out, because the steel wire ball is made of stainless steel, stainless steel ignition point in more than 1000 degrees. And the material inside the wire ball, residue, dirt and so on the ignition point is below 300 degrees, so the fire can easily remove the residual oil and dirty things, and will not burn the wire ball.

Post time: Feb-20-2021

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