Mushcloth is the most effective powerful dishcloth to remove stains

Advantages of microfiber cloth washing the dishes, charting, whether you in the baidu search on taobao or looking for microfiber cloth products, or dish cloth, sponge industrial wool cloth, will appear a lot of pages and commodity, and these information effectively help you understand this kind of dish cloth – wool cloth, in foreign countries, also known as: couring pad, foreigners liked it, but they are all used once, lost.


Did you know that there will be secondary contamination when the cloth is properly treated after use? By experts investigation, the survey found improper use microfiber cloth and dish cloth will cause secondary pollution, the main reason is the microfiber cloth and impurity is stained with oil dish cloth after using bacteria, according to incomplete statistics, 1 square centimeter of microfiber cloth in 1 to 2 months after use, because the surface contamination wash not to clean oil, which at least 10000 bacteria, especially in the summer, partly because of the improper cleaning dishwashing towel is send out a peculiar smell, but with such cleaning equipment, not only cannot achieve the goal of real clean, is to let in the process of washing tableware for contact with the dish towel/microfiber cloth and the cross infection, Not only can not play a clean role, more likely because of the bacteria stay and cause secondary pollution.


The characteristics of the dishwashing cloth:

1, soft texture, containing special gold steel sand, scrubbing does not hurt the surface of China and tableware;

2, strong water removal, easy to dry, reduce the probability of bacterial breeding;

3, can easily remove cooking utensils, tableware oil and grease, etc.;


Where does it apply?

1, ceramics, glassware, sanitary ware and other items on the stain;

2. Kitchenware, range hood, non-stick pot and rice soup pot;


Therefore, we need to avoid the secondary infection of the kitchen sponge cloth when it is properly treated after cleaning the utensils and used again. Our company puts forward three suggestions:

1, according to our professional and technical personnel test, the best cleaning cloth is to replace every 1 to 2 months, so as to avoid the excessive reproduction of bacteria;

2. After every use of clean cloth, it should be soaked in boiling water for a few minutes to play the role of sterilizing bacteria and killing viruses;

3, regularly put the cloth in the sun for exposure, so that the ultraviolet light on the cloth bacteria to completely eliminate the effect;

How to use it?

1, with cleaner use better effect;

2, in the process of using stubborn stains, can be forcibly to wipe;

3. After cleaning, clean the cloth itself with a small amount of cleaning liquid, and then rinse with clean water.

Post time: Jan-12-2021

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