• Christmas is coming

    Christmas is coming. Do you have a Christmas tree and small lights ready in advance? Of course, you ca n’t forget the gifts. We wish you a Merry Christmas in advance here.
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  • 2019/12/17

    china new year is coming , scourer order become more and more , all clients are waiting loading before china new year . our factory and workers are very busy these days, but soon china will have long holiday for new year
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  • The research report on the trend of the cleaning appliance industry

    The research report on the trend of the cleaning appliance industry is to master the market operation law of the cleaning appliance industry through the investigation and analysis of many factors that affect the market operation of the cleaning appliance industry, so as to have the characteristic...
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  • 2019.06.18 Thinking about business

    today we meet vietnam clients and order 20 sets scourer making machines from us , and now many southeast Asian customers build factories speed of development is fast,china goverment stop middle and small factories , southeast asian goverment and africa  goverment encourage the construction of fac...
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  • About Industry

    2019.4.8 Since 2018 , all most of china scourer important manufacturers already change scourer combine machines.New Machines Mechanical upgradingand and more intelligentize , save workers and electric power , more competitive in world market 
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  • About Company

    2019.5.8 Our boss John will vist India for two weeks from Delhi to Mumbai on 15th, if you need talk business and meet know more on scourer series products in india, please contact our boss. His mobile number is 0086-13705391871, and whatsapp and wechat also same as his mobile number.
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