All kinds of kitchen sponge clean cloth

Tea stains are difficult to clean, each time there is always a little bit of residue, as time passes, the more accumulated, can not be washed off!


Against tea stains, clean cloth can be very useful! Put some dishwashing liquid on a kitchen sponge and wipe the sides of the cup, and the tea stains will be removed easily! The cup wall after wiping becomes bright!


The role of clean cloth can be more than this, wipe the chopping board with vinegar water on the clean cloth, not only can effectively clean, the disinfection function of vinegar can also remove the stench on the chopping board.


Kitchen sponge


Soak the cloth in beer and wipe the sink after soaking. The stains on the sink are easy to remove.


Because the kitchen knife is often wet with water, it is easy to rust. You can wet the cleaning cloth, dip a little toothpaste on the rust spot gently, so that the rust spot can be eliminated.


When making up at ordinary times, the silty object that makes up the residue on brush is very difficult to clean up, in fact, we want to make up brush to go up and down scan on 100 clean cloth only, make up brush is clean!


In addition to cleaning up stains, it can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables! Rub fruit and cucumber surfaces with a dishcloth to clean up the potholes.


Want to remove fruit wax on the fruit is also very simple, just need to put the fruit in about 40 degrees of warm water, with a clean cloth gently scrub can.


Post time: Mar-04-2021

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