Classification of cleaning balls

According to the raw material

There are two main kinds of cleaning ball, one is plastic cleaning ball, one is steel wire cleaning ball. Plastic cleaning balls have been around for a long time, but they have poor stain removal and there are alternatives. And steel wire cleaning ball decontamination power is strong, no product instead, big use.

Wire cleaning ball can also be divided into two kinds, one is the winding ball, the other is the woven ball. Knitting ball grade and price are very high, but the output is low. Wound out of the wire ball and woven net ball, clean the ball wire. Coil into a small spring-like spiral, cheap, large sales; Woven into a network, exquisite price, low sales.

Depending on whether it rusts or not

Clean ball rusts or not, mainly with the raw materials. High zinc wire cleaning ball and stainless wire cleaning ball are more common. High zinc wire is a kind of hot galvanized iron wire with high technology. The stainless wire is a kind of ferrochrome stainless steel. Less common are copper cleaning ball, low zinc ball, copper – plated ball. Non-magnetic stainless steel cleaning ball, copper wire because too expensive, and poor toughness than steel wire, production is easy to waste, so the price is too high. Copper plated wire is the surface of the wire coated with a layer of copper using cathode and anode, so also easy to rust, and the price and non-magnetic stainless steel cleaning ball, so not common. Low zinc wire is cheap, but it rusts so easily that it is not common. Non-magnetic stainless steel, is chromium nickel iron stainless steel, general medical equipment is it, the price is too high, so not common this stainless steel cleaning ball.

Industrial disposable products used for household use will rub against water and rust. This kind of cleaning ball has both high and low zinc wire. If the high zinc wire is often used, basically no rust; But if it is used for one day and stopped for three days, it will rust immediately. High zinc wire although often used will not rust immediately, but because of the problem of material, use time is long easy to drop slag, namely broken, change at this time new, old can be put aside, leave wipe hearth or the floor and so on very dirty place, do one-time use.

Do not rust cleaning ball, mainly stainless steel cleaning ball, and divided into two, one is magnets can be sucked up, one is not magnetic. Magnetic more common, do not rust do not drop slag does not affect the use; The presence or absence of magnetism makes a great difference to cost, but not to home use.

Post time: Sep-28-2020

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