How to choose a wire ball?

A ball made of fine steel wire that can be used at home to forcibly clean dirt on the surface of an object. Almost every family or office will have a metal wire ball, on the surface of objects that are difficult to clean with cloth or detergent, we need the help of wire ball, using the strong friction force of wire ball to remove dirt. So, how to choose a wire ball?

Stainless steel ball in the stainless steel wire is mainly stainless steel and stainless steel two, the simplest way to distinguish is whether there is magnetic. Usually the magnet can suck up is stainless iron, commonly known as stainless wire industry called 430, chromium content in 12%- 18%; Usually the magnet is not up is called 304 or 302 stainless steel industry, domestic rare stainless steel, unless the factory has special needs specially tailored factory some parts need no magnetic.


Wire ball wire there is a kind of stainless wire is pure copper wire, is pure copper wire, in fact, also not pure, because pure copper is not to do the pattern, are generally copper alloy, such as zinc copper. There will be a sham as the genuine stainless wire, is rusty, it is plated copper wire, theoretically, plating copper wire should be no rust, at least better than galvanized wire, but this is only a theoretical data, due to the limitation of production process, plating copper rust resistance is much less than the galvanized wire is copper electroplating, plating and high zinc wire is hot dip plating, process is not the same. From the appearance, stainless steel wire ball oily also have luster of stainless steel wire, the main reason is low chromium content, of course, as long as not rust, can, dark color; Stainless steel wire ball white, good gloss. The ball of pure copper wire is yellow and heavy in the hand. Copper wire ball red color, specific gravity and wire about the same. High zinc wire ball has luster and white color; Low zinc wire ball gloss poor, dark color.


According to the type of wire ball, we can choose the stainless steel wire ball, mainly because it does not rust, good gloss, easy to identify its dirty degree.


Post time: Jul-24-2020

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