How to choose cotton swabs and what to pay attention to when using

Most cotton swabs sold in supermarkets are not sterilized and are suitable for ordinary cleaning tasks, such as make-up. If you want to treat a wound, it is best to use a sterile cotton swab, such as a hospital or pharmacy.


In sterile cotton swabs, one is wrapped in yellow paper. Cotton swabs are sterilized by high temperature and pressure. When unopened, it can normally be stored for two weeks. Damp weather in the south, wrapping paper is easy to be damp, shelf life can be shortened to a week or so. The other is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, sealed in plastic bags or boxes, and has a shelf life of about two to three years.


Matters needing attention


1. The outer packing should be sealed after the use of sterile cotton swabs. Once the packaging is open, it can be kept sterile for 24 hours if properly stored. No longer sterile because of contamination by airborne bacteria, etc.


2. Sterilization only kills pathogenic microorganisms and kills bacterial spores. Cotton swabs have bacterial spores that disinfectants can’t do, and even disinfectants can be contaminated. At this point, not only can not be disinfected, and may cause infection, so should not be used on the wound sterile cotton swabs.


3. Do not put a cotton swab in the ear canal. Removing earwax with a cotton swab can cause the wax to fall off in its place and build up, making it easier to penetrate the ear canal and block the ear, causing pain, hearing problems, tinnitus or dizziness, and possibly needing treatment if necessary. Another swab may get too deep and cause the eardrum to break.


Post time: Nov-09-2020

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