Life tips for using kitchen sponge sponge

A dusting cloth can easily remove paper from clothes. When washing clothes, if the paper scraps are accidentally contaminated with the clothes, it is very inconvenient to remove these paper scraps. At this time, you can take a kitchen sponge cloth and wipe the part with paper scraps on the clothes repeatedly with the rough side of the cloth. The paper scraps on the clothes are easy to suck to the cloth.


The dust on the electric fan can be easily removed with a clean cloth. Electric fans in storage for a long time, it will fall on a thick layer of dust, to remove these dust is very troublesome, but with 100 clean cloth can easily solve this problem. The specific method is: take a piece of clean cloth, clean cloth in the sponge surface with a knife along the horizontal and vertical direction respectively cut on a few knives, cut the sponge block into a few small squares, and then use the cutting surface back and forth to wipe the fan behind the iron net part, the dust on the iron net is easy to be removed clean.


Bucket sponge


Clean cloth can also be used to clean the fruit, just picked fresh peaches above a lot of tiny burrs, to clean up very troublesome, then you can use clean cloth to clean. Because the sponge surface of the cloth has a lot of tiny pores, it can quickly remove these small burrs.


When apples are transported long distances, in order to keep water from evaporating, businesses usually coat the outside of apples with edible wax. When eating apples, it is very inconvenient to remove these wax, and clean cloth can easily solve this problem. The specific method is: put the apple first in hot water soak for a while, the wax above such apple after being heated, can melt slowly, reoccupy 100 clean cloth to clean is more convenient.


It can also be used for ice compress. After trauma, the skin will appear local bruising phenomenon, in 48 hours can be used to reduce local inflammation with cold compress. At this time you can use the cloth to freeze cold compress. The specific method is: take a plastic bag, dip 100 clean cloth in a small amount of water, and then into the plastic bag, put in the frozen layer of the refrigerator. Bags in plastic bags quickly turn into ice cubes.


It can also be used as a soap pad. After using soap, you can put the soap on a dry dishcloth. Because there are many tiny pores on the sponge surface of the dishcloth, the water on the soap can be quickly absorbed into the dishcloth.

Post time: Apr-15-2021

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