The correct way to clean the ball

For long-term householders, POTS and pans must be cleaned every day. Many people think that cleaning these things with a ball manufacturer’s ball is unremarkable, but don’t look down on it. In fact, there’s a lot of knowledge.


Like the cleaning balls we use today, they are mostly stainless steel. The ball also rusts easily. If there are rust spots, it should not be used to clean cutlery. In addition, the stainless steel cleaning ball cannot be used for a long time, and the bacteria remaining on one side is harmful to the body. Use every two months to use a sanitation, in the case of clean ball does not rust, if it will scrub smoke machine, stove and ceramic tile, you will not be able to clean POTS and pans. If used to clean aluminum tableware, wipe gently and wipe the inside with a soft cloth. When the oil on the surface of the container is very heavy, steel wire cleaning balls must be used. After heating, clean over a low heat for a few minutes to form a protective layer of alumina on the surface. This not only protects the container, but also prevents chemical reactions between the acid-base substances and aluminum, which can affect the body’s health.


In general, steel wire cleaning balls will become dirty after being brushed with heavy oily appliances and will be very ineffective. At this point, we can roast it on the fire, let it cool, shake off the residue to clean it up. It should be noted that this BBQ cleaning ball should not be used immediately in cold water, otherwise it will become brittle and affect the effect of use.


Post time: Jul-03-2020

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