Three key points to note when using a cleaning ball

In daily life, often to scrub clean ball tableware, especially scrubbing POTS, stainless steel pot, the stubborn focal scale iron, oil stains, rust, scale, when using, directly with the hand grasping steel wire ball, or add a small amount of wash detergent, wash back and forth, easy to use, in the kitchen of family use stainless steel metal cleaning ball much more special, because it is very easy and convenient to use, also not easy injury. So wire ball manufacturers for you to explain the use of the matters needing attention! The use of wire ball matters needing attention, let’s take a look together.

1, because the wire ball is also relatively sharp, in the use of time to wear gloves, avoid scratches on the fingers, in the use of clean ball to frequently change the surface and the object contact surface, so the effect is better.


2, at the time of scrubbing the appearance of the force is not too big, to avoid injury material appearance, so it is also very simple to make the clean ball lose elasticity, do not clean the metal material when using the wire ball, to avoid scratch appearance. After the use of steel wire ball to timely clean the ball surface stains eradication clean, next time can also be used.


3, before the use of the cleaning ball in the cleaning solution immersion, to let the ball to meet the detergent, and then to wipe the hard material, if the stain is not good enough to remove the detergent on the surface of the object, and then wipe with the steel ball.


Post time: Dec-11-2020

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