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The cleaning ball is an essential cleaning tool in our kitchen. The ball is easy to operate and easy to use, which can help us save time and effort to do a good job of cleaning. What kind of material is our common cleaning ball made of?

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There are many kinds of cleaning ball making materials, and each kind of cleaning ball has different effects and quality. Therefore, we need to understand each kind of material, so that we can choose and buy high-quality products more accurately.

Let’s start with some unusual copper cleaning balls, low zinc balls, copper plated balls, and non-magnetic stainless steel cleaning balls. Which material is better for cleaning the ball?

Copper wire toughness than steel wire, production is easy to waste, the price is too high; Low zinc wire, though cheap, rusts too easily; Non-magnetic stainless steel is chromium nickel iron stainless steel, general medical equipment is it, the price is too high. Copper wire is iron wire surface plating on a layer of copper, is to use the principle of the cathode and anode, so it is easier to rust, and the price and non-magnetic stainless steel cleaning ball, so it is not uncommon. Stainless wire is a kind of ferrochrome stainless steel; High – zinc wire is a hot – dip galvanized wire with high technology.

Post time: Oct-21-2020

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