Why is stainless steel so important to clean the ball

Cleaning ball mechanical equipment is the main production of cleaning ball equipment, and it in the production of cleaning ball, the material used is mainly stainless steel, according to the relevant people, this material is very important for cleaning ball, why?

In general, clean ball machinery stainless steel wire raw materials all use atmospheric aerosol and VOD furnace refining methods, such as production, from casting to continuous casting, the surface quality of the material, inclusive, isolation improvement and favorable conditions for the market to create heavy production, greatly reducing the production cost.

Advanced production equipment (such as direct drawing machines and bright annealing furnaces, etc.) will be widely used to greatly increase labor productivity and further reduce production costs. In order to ensure the accuracy, the clean ball production equipment is continuously tested by “burning machine”. It can be started continuously for 48 hours without interruption, and still produce smoothly. Observe the material heat treatment of the ball machine, installation tolerance, transmission speed ratio, electrical components configuration several important technical parameters.

New varieties of stainless steel should be constantly developed, the current domestic output of stainless steel wire is increasing every year, but there is still a lack of steel varieties, should be developed to meet the needs of different aspects, such as stainless steel fiber, non-magnetic stainless steel wire, etc. Clean ball machinery stainless steel fiber intensive projects belong to high technology, high added value, gradually from developed countries to developing countries.

Stainless steel fiber has high strength, deformation, stability, strong corrosion resistance, widely used in aviation, petroleum, precision instrument manufacturing, is the ideal reinforcement material of organic polymer polyester products. Stainless steel fiber is a good material for the production of cleaning ball machinery, cleaning ball because the use of water often contact, so the stainless steel material is very important for cleaning ball.

Post time: Aug-20-2020

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