Suction card packing steel wire ball

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Product Detail:Product model:BK-511Material: polyester scouring pad and spongeColor: pink and white, blue and whiteshape: Three-layer with holeStandard Size:10cm*7cm  11cm*6.5cm   6cm*9cm  ...

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Product Detail:

Product model:BK-511
Material: polyester scouring pad and sponge
Color: pink and white, blue and white
shape: Three-layer with hole
Standard Size:10cm*7cm  
11cm*6.5cm   6cm*9cm  
Thickness: 3 cm
Bulk packing, hangtag packing, opp bag packing, or as customer’s packing

1. Scouring pad layer: contains quartz sand design, strong decontamination, strong friction, decontamination is more convenient and quick.
2. High-density sponge: The sponge has high density, soft surface, strong water absorption, and does not hurt the hand.
3. Double-layer design: the sponge and the scouring pad are ingeniously combined, the sponge layer is foamed quickly, and the scouring pad layer has strong decontamination ability.
4. High foaming rate: a small amount of detergent can produce rich foam and good oil removal effect.
5. Environmental protection and high temperature resistance: It is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly glue, and the glue is firmly adhered, non-toxic and odor-free.

Application :
Clean stainless steel kitchen utensils, basins, pot and cutlery.
Clean high-grade non-stick pans, casseroles, glass kitchen utensils, cups.
Clean ceramic bowls, spoons, dishes and other utensils and other kitchen utensils.
Clean plastic lunch boxes, kitchen plastic containers, plastic cups.
Clean the cooktop, cooker hood surface, dining table, kitchen sink, faucet, etc.

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